SOUTHBOROUGH HUB - contractor about to be appointed - see Hub page ++++ SPRING NEWSLETTER - see Newsletter page +++ HELP us ALL have a HAPPY EASTER: order your PRESCRIPTIONS early - we are closed on Friday MARCH 30 reopening on Tuesday APRIL 3 ++++ APPOINTMENTS MISSED could mean being removed from our patients list - see revised policy on Appointments page. +++ See our new Self-Health corner at SAMC - check your height, weight, and blood pressure confidentially and get advice if necessary.

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FAX 01892 514019 No YES No YES No No No
ONLINE on this website YES YES No YES No No YES
PHONE 01892 515455 YES No No No No YES No
TEXT 07580 508867 To cancel No No No No No No
VISIT Pinewood Gardens, Southborough, Kent. TN4 0NP YES YES YES YES YES YES YES


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